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I've been leading We Are the Words (WAW), a Brussels (Belgium) based agency specializing in web content strategy and marketing for more than 10 years. WAW has been developing the practice of digital information and communication on the European market since 2001, with 3 main fields of action: information architecture, user experience and editorial strategy. WAW consults on a wide range of editorial and content strategy issues, such as planning and optimizing content lifecycles; developing and customizing editorial tools; optimizing authoring and editing flows; performing editorial and usability benchmarks; and providing multilingual content, and editorial and usability charts. WAW has provided training, workshops, and presentations for major national and international institutions, ministries, charities, companies and non-profit organizations. WAW's clients include: Cefic, European Parliament, Eurocontrol, French Ministry of Education, Belgian Ministries of Justice/of Employment/of Interior, Belgian Privacy Commission, Groupe Le Monde, as well as for multinationals such as Dexia Asset Managemen, I.N.G., Groupe Suez, Meda-Pharma, SCA Packaging, Unilever, and major training centers such as European institutions, Kluwer Belgium, IHECS (Brussels) and CFPJ (Paris).

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